An idyllic camping trip goes wrong when a woman rejects her boyfriend’s marriage proposal and is abandoned in the remote British Columbia wilderness. She relies on help from a young couple to make it back home safely, but becomes uncomfortably tangled in their toxic relationship.



BC Timber is embroiled in scandal after journalists reveal that the agency has been giving out permits to logging companies that clear-cut old growth forests. Alex, a mid-level BC Timber employee, and her boyfriend, Joey, depart from their suburban Kamloops home for a weekend camping trip. Alex is on edge, anxious to be leaving home while her professional life is in the midst of crisis, but Joey reassures her that everything will be fine.

Alex and Joey reach their campsite, a beautiful spot deep in the woods and isolated from the rest of society. After a grueling mountain hike, Joey gets down on one knee and offers Alex a wedding ring. It’s a proposal. Alex takes a long time to come up with her answer.


The next morning Joey has disappeared, and Alex is alone. Alex struggles to survive in the woods until she happens to stumble into Matt and Kianna. They’re a seemingly happy young couple, on a road trip from San Francisco, living out of their camper van. They’ve lost their dog, Otis, and strike a deal with Alex. If she helps them find Otis, they’ll drive her back to Kamloops. It’s the only way for Alex to get out of these woods and home safely, so she agrees.

Their first night together, Alex takes magic mushrooms with Matt and Kianna and the three of them end up in a drug-influenced threesome that Alex soon regrets. Over the course of the next few days, Alex gradually recognizes the twisted and toxic nature of Matt and Kianna’s relationship. Unfortunately, it’s already too late, and Alex is uncomfortably entangled in their complicated, maybe even dangerous, romantic partnership.

They eventually find Otis, but the dog is long dead. Matt unleashes a cold and calculated anger, blaming Kianna for what has happened and doing his best to humiliate her in front of Alex. Alex sees her own past experiences with men mirrored in the relationship between Matt and Kianna and is overcome with a desire to protect this young woman. She notices the subtle red flags in Matt’s behaviour that she wishes she could have noticed with her own ex-partners.

An unsettling tension builds alongside Alex’s growing anxiety. The dangers of emotional abuse and toxic masculinity are more frightening than the dangers of the wilderness. The true nature of Matt and Kianna’s relationship is never clear, but the uncertainty only makes Alex more uneasy. One thing she knows for sure… This won’t end well.

The tension builds to a violent conclusion and these two women are bonded together by a dark secret that will change their lives forever.